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Treatment of pain

Acute conditions

Chronic pain

Postoperative stress

Fibromyalgia (FMS)

General health


Anxiety/panic attacks


Immune system

Adrenal exhaustion

Hypothyroidism / hyperthyroidism

Allergies / sinus problems


Women's health

Menstrual pains



Recovery from childbirth


Digestive complaints

Weight loss

Constipation / diarrhea / bloating

Abdominal pain / gastrointestinal pain

Krohn's disease

Irritable bowel syndrome / inflammatory bowel disease

Long-term problems

Chronic fatigue

Exhaustion / low energy

Insomnia / sleep disorders

Chinese Medicine Physician, Acupuncturist, Health Cultivation Teacher, Spiritual Advisor

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Jolanta Press obtained her education and clinical practice in Chinese medicine, in Beijing, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences continuing her study in private schools the USA with specialties: General Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Tuina therapeutical massage. She has professional experience since 2005 in Poland, Europe and the USA.

She uses unique, oral transmissions from classical, ancient Chinese physicians. Her acupuncture is distinguished by exceptional efficiency in Europe.

She also teaches ancient practices for health and longevity (Qi Gong, Daoyin, meditation) which have been her passion for over 30 years.

Dr. Jolanta speaks English, German, Polish (native)
Generates steady improvement with each successive treatment.

Requires fewer treatments for stable and lasting improvement.

Uses fewer acupuncture points for immediate results.

Stimulates blood flow.

Relaxes and exercises muscles.

Soothes tense nerves.

Re-stimulates the body's natural healing system.
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How acupuncture treatment works

To treat any Qi imbalances, fine, sterile needles will be inserted at specific acupuncture points along the meridian pathways. Your acupuncturist will concentrate on acupuncture points related to specific organs, based on your unique issues and symptoms.
Your acupuncturist may include other related therapies in your treatment plan, such as cupping, Gwa Sha or moxabustion. Herbal remedies are another important aspect of acupuncture and TCM, and it is important to understand and follow your practitioner’s directions in order to get the most benefit from these treatments.

Is Acupuncture an instant fix?

Acupuncture is not an instant fix. True healing takes time and dedication. Depending on your current health and symptoms, you could feel better right away, or you may need treatments for weeks, months or years to achieve the results you want. Your acupuncturist can give you an idea of what to expect. With a little patience and an open mind, you’ll be on your way to health and vitality.
Acupuncture and TCM offer a safe and effective holistic health care system. This natural approach can both resolve symptoms and enhance your overall health.
By taking the right steps and planting the seeds of health, you are on the road to a healthier you!

How will be my first visit?

Please avoid big meals at least 1 hour before the visit. Initial visits generally last from 50 to 90 minutes. Your physician will take a detailed health history, perform a physical exam, and provide you with your unique treatment plan.
During your first exam, you may be asked a wide range of questions about your symptoms, eating, exercise, sleep habits, emotional states and anything that may offer insight into your health.
Your practitioner will also employ diagnostic tools that are unique to acupuncture and CM such as tongue and pulse diagnosis.

Getting the most out of treatment

For the best treatment results, keep a few things in mind:
  • Please show up on time
  • Don’t eat a large meal before your visit
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothes
  • Be sure to discuss any questions or concerns with your acupuncturist
  • Refrain from overexertion, drugs or alcohol for at least six hours after treatment
  • Follow your treatment plan between visits
  • Keep all of your appointments, as each visit builds upon the previous ones

You in your healing process

Your focus on your health and committing to a healthy lifestyle are important  in your treatment plan. Together, you and your acupuncturist can heal your imbalances and help you achieve harmony and balance.
After your symptoms are resolved, acupuncture can assist you in maintaining your health, and possibly prevent future imbalances. The more you incorporate acupuncture and Chinese Medicine into your life, the more you’ll learn to nurture your body, mind and spirit.

Expectations in healing - frequency of treatments - results

Expectations in healing progress - frequency of treatments - results

  • Less than once a week - expect marginal results

  • 1 time a week - expect 30-70%+ improvement in 2-4 months

  • 2 times a week - 30-80%+ improvement in 2-6 weeks

  • 3+ times a week: you can expect much faster results 

  • The beginning phase of acute issues is the first 10 treatments.
  • The beginning phase of chronic issues is the first 20 treatments.

Similar results can be achieved with different treatment frequencies:

1x week in 20 weeks = 2x week in 10 weeks = 3x week in 5 weeks.

In my practice, I typically see outstanding results within the first 10-20 treatments. Oftentimes with the methods I use, a person will receive 50-100% improvement from the very first treatment. However, I will make it very clear that helping a person with their health concerns usually takes more than one treatment. It is important to understand that receiving acupuncture without any clear direction does not guarantee a path to complete healing. Consistency and frequency are the keys to success. If you decide to receive acupuncture without a clear schedule, then please be very patient with your healing. Even patients who come in consistently have to be patient to finally graduate from their health concerns. Healing is a process and it can oftentimes be quite a challenge. Be honest with yourself and realize if what you are suffering from is a chronic condition, it may take some diligence from both you and the practitioner when attempting to achieve the quality of health you truly desire. Just like mastering a new skill, healing cannot take a break. You and the practitioner must practice and eventually, your illness  will be transformed.

Free your mind and body - Join our Qigong, Daoyin (Chinese Yoga), Meditation classes - coming soon

Qi Gong
Qi Gong is the art of exercising the Jing (essence), Qi (energy), and Shen (spirit). The nucleus of Qi Gong is the exercise of Yi (consciousness) and Qi (vital energy). The main purpose of these exercises is to regulate the internal functions of the human body. Qi Gong does this through developing consciousness and respiration, through causing the internal Qi to manifest in awareness, and through moving and strengthening the internal Qi. The internal Qi is the Qi belonging to the human body itself. Thus, Qi Gong brings self-regulation and self-control to the vital organs.

The traditional Chinese practice of leading (dao) qi (energy) and stretching (yin) the body is the brother of Hindu yoga and a precursor to qigong. Unlike yoga, it focuses on the concept of qi or vital energy. It uses a combination of mind awareness, controlled breathing, and slow physical movements to engage concentration, improve health, and open up your mind. The Daoyin exercises were already described in manuscripts dating back to 200 BC.
Daoyin suggests that deep tranquility, or calm, is a primary healing principle, realised through attentive and careful movements. The two Chinese characters are usually translated as “guiding and inducing” which relates directly to fostering the circulation of vital energy (Qi) and suggests certain attitudes or qualities that we can bring to our practice – precise attention, gentle encouragement, or careful determination – which will augment and guide the Qi in its path.
Daoyin exercises are characterized by continual slow, smooth movement guided by postural principles. So ‘Yin’ can mean “going ahead” or “leading the way”, hence “guidance”; more literally, it can be taken as “pulling”, like pulling something out or along.
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